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außergewöhnliche Abbildungen des täglichen Lebens / unique photographs of ordinary life


The keywords of a short biography:

Black-and-white film in a Kodak Pocket Instamatic. The deer in the distance, tiny clumps of dots on the film. 1973. But the memory survives.

The challenge is to convey the memory, the artist’s view, to the viewer.

The tools: Nikon analog and digital, Nikkor and Tamron lenses, and sometimes a small pinhole in a piece of cardboard. Sony for the excellent face detection autofocus. Six years‘ experience reviewing cameras: technical knowledge to provide a foundation for art.

Life‘s experience (in reverse order): Germany, Belgium, USA and some travels in Central America, Germany and travels to the forests of many biomes, Ireland, the Netherlands, USA, the Netherlands, USA, Belgium, the Netherlands. The activities included university and post-grad, followed by years wandering the woods of Ireland, damp biodviersity and quiet of northern Europe‘s nature. King oak. Pottery and fine arts training, the invivsible pressure one must exert to get the clay to submit to your plans. The need to plan, draw, know where the project will end. And what it shouts out.

Alexandra offers workshops and artists‘ retreats in a half-timber house in Germany, not too far from Paderborn and Kassel.

Alexandra Bosbeer  Rathausgasse 10, 34474  Diemelstadt, Germany alexandra @ alexandrabosbeer.com tel. 0151 - 41234284