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außergewöhnliche Abbildungen des täglichen Lebens / unique photographs of ordinary life

Sasha by Arturo
Photo by Arturo Escobar (2009)


Alexandra ('Sasha') Bosbeer is a mixed-nationality photographer and potter currently based in Siegburg, near Bonn in Germany. Alexandra started taking photos at a young age with a simple box camera. At the age of 12, she was given a basic SLR to share with her sister.

After a childhood in The Netherlands, Alexandra studied at Yale University in Connecticut, where her photographs were used in the yearbook, as well as in college directories and art magazines. She spent many nights working in an 'analogue' darkroom at Yale, culminating in two one-woman exhibitions of black-and-white prints.

After college, Alexandra continued to take photographs while working to develop international exchange work in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia and in Washington, DC. She studied forestry in the Netherlands (accompanied by a borrowed Nikon F50) and began focussing on plants as well as people.

In 1995, Sasha moved to Ireland, during a summer full of sunshine and good light on wet bogs and blue seas. Her friend taught her the joy of walking barefoot in mossy bogs. She also completed a PhD in botany in Ireland.

Ireland is rich in water, and water and light began to be themes in Alexandra's work.

While in Ireland, Alexandra also developed her interest in hand-built pottery with visual textures and rustic forms. In Brussels, she is completing a certificate in ceramics at the fine art academy of Saint Gilles.

In 2007, Alexandra held a one-woman show of portraits of people affected by the tsunami in Sri Lanka, in support of the Galway Sri Lanka Project. Her 2008-09 exhibition was a celebration of nature with fellow photographer Kevin Collins.

She has since spent two years based in Germany and building her photography portfolio in far-flung spots in the world. Alexandra lived and lobbied in Brussels for three years before returning to Germany in 2015. Her current projects can be found on bosbeerphotos.com.

Alexandra takes unqiue photos of daily life. She can photograph your portrait, nature, events, and projects. Get in touch with Alexandra at alexandra @ alexandrabosbeer.com and by telephone at 02241 127800.

Click here to visit Alexandra's blog on Creating a Simple Life at alexandrabosbeer.com/blog.


Alexandra Bosbeer Siegburg, Germany alexandra @ alexandrabosbeer.com tel. 02241-127800