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außergewöhnliche Abbildungen des täglichen Lebens / unique photographs of ordinary life

Sasha by Arturo
Photo by Arturo Escobar (2009)


Water, nature, and the Earth upon which we depend. These shape the art of Alexandra Bosbeer, both photography and pottery.

Born in The Hague, The Netherlands, Alexandra has lived in Ireland, Belgium, the USA, and Germany as well as The Netherlands. At the present time, you can find her in her half-timbered house ‘the Steinofen’ in a small village in Hessen not too far from the town of Warburg in Germany.

Alexandra’s first camera, when she was 8 or 9, was a Kodak Pocket Instamatic. At the age of 12, her parents gave her a basic SLR which became the first in a series of cameras both analogue and digital. She now photographs primarily using Nikon digital cameras, albeit sometimes wth ‘lenses’ made of cardboard and old black socks with a tiny pinhole in the cardboard.

As a student at Yale University in the USA, Alexandra shot photos for the yearbook, as well as in college directories and art magazines. She spent many nights working in an 'analogue' darkroom at Yale, culminating in two one-woman exhibitions of black-and-white prints.

She later studied forestry in the Netherlands (accompanied by a borrowed Nikon F50) and began focussing on plants as well as people. From 1995 through 2009, she worked as a forest ecologist in Ireland, living in the rainy and nature-rich West of Ireland. Water is so essential to nature and to humans, and in Ireland, one can observe it in many forms.

While in Ireland, Alexandra also developed her interest in hand-built pottery with visual textures and rustic forms. She later studied at the fine art academy of Saint Gilles in Brussels.

Between these two cities, she lived in Bonn and travelled in Central America, taking photos for civil society organisations of their work and at events. While working in Brussels as an EU lobbyist, Alexandra joined Photoresk, an international photography club for everyone from beginner to advanced.

Alexandra has been living in Germany and organising the 1800-member Cologne Photoresk group since 2015.

Alexandra Bosbeer Diemelstadt, Germany alexandra @ alexandrabosbeer.com tel. 0151 - 41234284