Time and gifts

One of the photos I should be editing for www.zwangerschap-massage.nl

I have been without a camera for over a week, which means I feel at loose ends when I have extra time and something new to see. It feels almost like a waste to see fabulous slanted evening sun creating wonderful shadows, and not have a camera at hand to capture the magic of the moment (and perhaps make something I can use as well).

Not that I don’t have things to do. In fact, instead of creating new photos – although that seems to reflect being in the moment – I should be editing and culling photos, renewing websites and fulfilling promises. This is a season for completion.

But I mentioned not having a camera, and a friend came to me with a paper lunch bag and out it into my hands. A loan camera. What a gift of love. Thank you. Off to see the evening through a new lens!